Before I die I want to..

     (in no specific order)

  1. Earn my Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees, then maybe a doctorate
  2. Rescue many more animals
  3. Adopt a child (maybe 2)
  4. Travel
  5. Start a nonprofit
  6. Fix America’s healthcare system (or at least start)
  7. Reform America’s for-profit prison system
  8. Advocate for decriminalizing drug use/possession
  9. Advocate to release all non-violent drug offenders from prison
  10. Advocate, advocate, advocate!
  11. Build my dream home
  12. Improve education
  13. Publish a book
  14. See my art in a museum
  15. Have my photography published in a magazine
  16. Finish getting all of the tattoos I want
  17. Have bright colored hair
  18. Meet Bernie Sanders and thank him
  19. Learn sign language
  20. Read all the books I own
  21. Own a business with my life partner, Tanner
  22. Learn yoga
  23. Learn a foreign language
  24. Scuba dive
  25. Wear a black wedding dress
  26. Meet with a psychic
  27. Have a garden
  28. Learn to love myself
  29. Advocate for the use of all renewable energy sources
  30. Make wine
  31. Visit the Murder House from AHS (it’s an Airbnb, ya know)
  32. Figure out my religious beliefs
  33. End racism
  34. Be a barista
  35. Make the world a better place

I could go on and on with this list until I actually die. This will be interesting to look at in years to come.

What do you hope to accomplish?

9 thoughts on “Before I die I want to..

  1. I’m glad you’re back to writing! It’s a habit, you know? And not an easy one to keep going. Lists like this are an excellent way to share yourself, to mark time, to process. Thanks for putting it out here for us to see 🙂

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  2. That’s a great list Misty. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 I am curious as to why you want to wear a black wedding dress? I am asking because my son’s ex-girlfriend always said she wanted to do that, too. She’s into a lot of cosplay stuff, though. I always think about a lot of the things I want to accomplish, but don’t always write them down. Good idea!

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    • Thanks for checking out my blog as well! I’ve wanted to wear a black wedding dress since I was a little girl, I suppose because I just love black dresses. I also love to go against tradition. Nearly everyone wears white, so I gotta shake it up 😉 I’m also not changing my name when I get married.

      I love writing down my goals! Mainly for the process of actually thinking about things I’d like to do and sorting them out, and it’s also fun to look back on.

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      • You’re welcome. I also meant to say I like the name of your blog. Is your first name Misty? Mine is Patsy.
        That’s great that you are just being yourself. Tradition is overrated! 😉 And yes, I understand the symbolism of wearing white, but really, I wish I hadn’t followed tradition when I got married the second time. Although, I did find a perfect fitting dress, it was comfortable, and I loved it. It was floor length and long-sleeved because we got married on December 18, 1994. 🙂


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