a b o u t m e

My name is Misty Dawn.
I’m 26 years old.
Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent.
Panic Disorder.
Artist.  mistycalemporium.etsy.com
Photographer. (all images on blog are mine)
Social Work – BSSW undergrad student.
Animal lover.
Coffee addict.


6 thoughts on “a b o u t m e

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! It is a fun place to be. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are young so you have lots of time to reach your goals. I hope you get to finish your education. What exactly do you want to do in social work?


    • I am currently a full-time student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville! I am a server on the weekends. School is definitely my top priority. I am going to practice macro-level social work, which is different than what most social workers do. I want to work on numerous things, but I believe I will start by focusing on healthcare reform. I want to work with nonprofits and politicians (eventually starting my own nonprofit and/or running for office) to get America to a universal healthcare system. The “greatest country on earth” should not have people without healthcare or in debt because they can’t afford the care.

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      • Wow, Tennessee! I’ve only been in Tennessee once; when I was 12, my mom and her friend took me and a girlfriend of mine to Opryland. That was a really fun trip. My family was living in Louisville, KY then – 1973.
        I live near Redding, California now. I have been in California since 1977.
        The work you want to do sounds like it will be tough. I wish you all the best. The healthcare system is a mess for sure. And what worries me is that my husband is reaching retirement age now. He has always had great benefits through Blue Cross, but even they have made some changes that aren’t so great. Also, our PA we have had for years lost their overseer so they charge $75 per visit now! We just go to a different clinic now when we have to.


      • Tennessee is a beautiful state, but not quite as progressive as I’d like. My best friend and her husband live in Louisville – it’s a very beautiful and interesting city. I’ve never been to California, but it’s definitely on my todo list!
        The field I’m going into is definitely going to be rough, but I’m a very passionate and determined person, so I think it’s something that I’ll be able to handle well.


      • Well, actually, my dad was working for Chevron and he worked in Louisville, but my parents weren’t people who liked cities much. So I grew up in Jeffersontown. in a suburbia area.
        California is beautiful. There is something for everyone here. Mountains, snow, desert, ocean, lakes…you just have to drive a lot to see everything. 😉
        I think your determination and passion will take you far!!


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