Perhaps your love will make me forget all that I do not wish to remember –

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Perhaps your love will – 

free me from myself

make me feel beautiful

take away some of life’s stress

show me happiness

encourage me to be the best version of myself

support me when no one else does

listen when no one else will

be the rock to keep me stable

hold me up when I am falling down

support my addiction to iced coffee

make our house feel like home

be patient with my mental illness

always listen to my political rants

(try to) understand my radical viewpoints

help me with homework that I don’t understand

care for me when I am sick

hold me accountable

make me feel worthy

make me feel strong

Perhaps your love will always make sure that I feel appreciated, adored, & loved.

Fairy Garden

Now that I have a sunroom, safe from plant-eating felines, I am finally free to have plants! Tending to these plants is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things I do on a regular basis.

Succulents are super low maintenance because they are desert plants, so they are great pets for the busy person, like myself.

If you live in a hot climate, they will love living in a covered area away from rain. If not, they love living outside during the summer.

It’s a fairly inexpensive hobby as well – most succulents cost $3-$5. The more expensive versions that you’ll find are just older, larger versions of the $3 ones. I usually purchase mine from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or a local nursery. They are also available to purchase online.

Depending on the variety of succulent, it is very easy (once they are a little matured) to grow ‘babies’ from their leaves.

Check out the pictures of my babies!


fullsizeoutput_12e5container: Ross $6, mug: Kroger $2.49 (clearance), rocks, sand, marbles: Dollar Tree $1 each, lantern: Dollar Tree $1, butterfly: Dollar Tree $1, succulent: Home Depot $4.48

clear pot: glass candle container, red pot: Dollar Tree $1, silver pot: Dollar Tree $1, porcupine (set of 3): Hobby Lobby $4 (with coupon), butterfly: Dollar Tree $1 (pack of 2), succulents are from different places, all around $3 a piece, table: Hobby Lobby $17 (clearance)
container: Dollar Tree $1, rocks, sand, moss: Dollar Tree: $1 each, succulent: Home Depot $3.48fullsizeoutput_12e6
pink pot: Ross $7, terra-cotta pot: Jo-Ann Fabrics $.98 (clearance), concrete pot: Walgreens $2 (clearance), succulents: numerous places $3.48 eachfullsizeoutput_12e3
white container: large salad bowl from Ross $2, gnome: nursery $5, succulents: Lowe’s $4 eachfullsizeoutput_12e4container: Ross $10, see rock city: nursery $4, mushroom: nursery $3, squirrel & cow: nursery $3 each, raccoon in mailbox: family heirloom, mailbox: nursery $2, golden fairy: Hobby Lobby $4, succulents: gift

Before I die I want to..

     (in no specific order)

  1. Earn my Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees, then maybe a doctorate
  2. Rescue many more animals
  3. Adopt a child (maybe 2)
  4. Travel
  5. Start a nonprofit
  6. Fix America’s healthcare system (or at least start)
  7. Reform America’s for-profit prison system
  8. Advocate for decriminalizing drug use/possession
  9. Advocate to release all non-violent drug offenders from prison
  10. Advocate, advocate, advocate!
  11. Build my dream home
  12. Improve education
  13. Publish a book
  14. See my art in a museum
  15. Have my photography published in a magazine
  16. Finish getting all of the tattoos I want
  17. Have bright colored hair
  18. Meet Bernie Sanders and thank him
  19. Learn sign language
  20. Read all the books I own
  21. Own a business with my life partner, Tanner
  22. Learn yoga
  23. Learn a foreign language
  24. Scuba dive
  25. Wear a black wedding dress
  26. Meet with a psychic
  27. Have a garden
  28. Learn to love myself
  29. Advocate for the use of all renewable energy sources
  30. Make wine
  31. Visit the Murder House from AHS (it’s an Airbnb, ya know)
  32. Figure out my religious beliefs
  33. End racism
  34. Be a barista
  35. Make the world a better place

I could go on and on with this list until I actually die. This will be interesting to look at in years to come.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Etsy Shop Update

My Etsy shop now has over 50 items for sale!

Items include: paintings, prints, magnet sets, cat scratchers, photography prints, wall decor, etc.

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