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My Etsy shop now has over 50 items for sale!

Items include: paintings, prints, magnet sets, cat scratchers, photography prints, wall decor, etc.

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Reaching Out A Hand For Help

As of recent, my life has took a turn towards my worst fear: my father getting old and sick.

I am twenty-three years old; my parents have been together for over thirty years. My mother is twenty-five years younger than my dad; my mom is fifty-three and my dad is seventy-eight. Growing up, my dad was not young and playful like all of the other dads I saw with my friends. He was in the prime of his business career, busy working in the garage, always running about- things any healthy fifty-something-year-old would enjoy doing. Up until less than a year ago, my father has had no significant health issues; he was still active, his mind was sharp. Then, all of the sudden.. things changed. Things changed drastically. My mother and I, scared and confused, avoided showing any fear. My father, for a long time, denied anything was wrong. The reality of the situation was obvious to everyone except for him.

My worst fear, as a child and as an adult, was this happening. It was seeing my dad go downhill. It was seeing him using a cane or a walker. It was seeing him forget how to form sentences. It was seeing him forget things that he has always known. It was seeing him forget how to add up money to pay the cashier. It was seeing him lose the ability to drive. It was seeing him in diapers. It was seeing him old.

I am reaching out for help. Tons of adults face going through this with one or both of their parents, just not at my age. In the beginning of my adult life, trying to figure out who I am and make my place in the world, I just cannot seem to grasp what is happening. I need more time to pass before I can deal with this, but sadly, I do not have time on my side. Anyone, regardless of age (although it would be nice to communicate with someone around my age about this), please.. let me know how to cope. Give me tips on how to process this. Help me accept this as reality. Any kind words, stories, advice, prayers, thoughts, etc. are more than welcome.

Thank you.

-I apologize for my prolonged absence; life has been a living hell difficult as of recent.-

I have countless things to say, but no words in mind to express those things.

I will let my thoughts flow.

I am filled with sadness, worry, guilt, anxiety, apathy, and anger. I feel as though I am a voodoo doll and some higher power has a vengeance against me; my body has been set ablaze and my energy has been drained. My mind, well, might as well be noodles for someone to feast on. I walk around feeling displaced and drunk, but yet I am completely sober. I worry about myself, about my father and mother, but what good does that do? Nothing. I lie in bed, drained, depressed, sick. Why?

Since childhood, I have longed to be happy. I have never been like the others I see around me. The others are happy, upbeat, charismatic, optimistic, giggly, and excited for the next part of their day. I feel more than them. I see more than them. Their auras, their personalities, their demeanor.. I can feel it. I meet someone and see their smile and hear what they tell me, how they want me to see them, but I see so much more. “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.” I am blessed to be able to experience the world in a way that the others can not. I am cursed because the world is overwhelming to my senses; a typical day is exhausting. But, I do not wish to change.

I would rather be aware than to be ignorant and happy, like the others.


MistycalEmporium Etsy Shop Update

Hello, hello.

It has been a while since I have updated anything on here regarding my Etsy store; there are a few new things up, particularly photographs I have taken and also one piece of home decor. Check it out! Code ‘SUPPORTLOCALARTISTS’ at checkout gets you 10% off. I also accept ~some~ custom orders, so feel free to comment below with any questions or email me at

[click here] MistycalEmporium Etsy Store [click here]

Available on my Etsy store (link above) in a variety of sizes!
Available on my Etsy store (link above) in a variety of sizes!
Conifer home decor piece also available on my Etsy. Hand-made!
Conifer home decor piece also available on my Etsy. Hand-made!
Prints available, as well as the original painting, available on my Etsy.
Prints available, as well as the original painting, available on my Etsy.
Coffee lovers unite! Available on my Etsy in a variety of sizes.
Coffee lovers unite! Available on my Etsy in a variety of sizes.

Thanks for checking out my work!

Artsy Fartsy

I’m sure you’ve all had enough with the art promotion posts already, so this will be the last one for a little while.

My prints are FINALLY in and up on my Etsy account. Code SUPPORTLOCALARTISTS at checkout will give you 10% off. This artwork is affordable and beautiful and can really add character to any room!

11″ x 14″ print


11″ x 11″ print

& many more!

Etsy product update – “Fuck” prints added

Hello again! I have added four prints to my Etsy shop, and there are many more to come here within the next few days! These prints are 11″ x 11″, SUPER colorful, and only $10.00! They are printed on card-stock and would look great either framed or put straight on the wall. Don’t need one for yourself? This would make an awesome and unique gift.

–> <–

Thanks, guys!