Fairy Garden

Now that I have a sunroom, safe from plant-eating felines, I am finally free to have plants! Tending to these plants is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things I do on a regular basis.

Succulents are super low maintenance because they are desert plants, so they are great pets for the busy person, like myself.

If you live in a hot climate, they will love living in a covered area away from rain. If not, they love living outside during the summer.

It’s a fairly inexpensive hobby as well – most succulents cost $3-$5. The more expensive versions that you’ll find are just older, larger versions of the $3 ones. I usually purchase mine from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or a local nursery. They are also available to purchase online.

Depending on the variety of succulent, it is very easy (once they are a little matured) to grow ‘babies’ from their leaves.

Check out the pictures of my babies!


fullsizeoutput_12e5container: Ross $6, mug: Kroger $2.49 (clearance), rocks, sand, marbles: Dollar Tree $1 each, lantern: Dollar Tree $1, butterfly: Dollar Tree $1, succulent: Home Depot $4.48

clear pot: glass candle container, red pot: Dollar Tree $1, silver pot: Dollar Tree $1, porcupine (set of 3): Hobby Lobby $4 (with coupon), butterfly: Dollar Tree $1 (pack of 2), succulents are from different places, all around $3 a piece, table: Hobby Lobby $17 (clearance)
container: Dollar Tree $1, rocks, sand, moss: Dollar Tree: $1 each, succulent: Home Depot $3.48fullsizeoutput_12e6
pink pot: Ross $7, terra-cotta pot: Jo-Ann Fabrics $.98 (clearance), concrete pot: Walgreens $2 (clearance), succulents: numerous places $3.48 eachfullsizeoutput_12e3
white container: large salad bowl from Ross $2, gnome: nursery $5, succulents: Lowe’s $4 eachfullsizeoutput_12e4container: Ross $10, see rock city: nursery $4, mushroom: nursery $3, squirrel & cow: nursery $3 each, raccoon in mailbox: family heirloom, mailbox: nursery $2, golden fairy: Hobby Lobby $4, succulents: gift